The Prettiest Baby in the World

I’m fully convinced that my baby is the prettiest baby in the world. I mean, most mothers think that of their children, don’t they? And I don’t know but we’re all right. Something to do with the magic of love.

But beauty doesn’t come without a price. There is something in my household Sweet Baby needs to pay. I call it the baby tax, and take all payment in the form of kisses. Fat, slobbery kisses that I press all over his chubby little face. How could I not?

As evidence regarding my own baby’s prettiness, here are a couple photos of Sweet Baby playing with one of his Christmas presents, a wooden stacking ring in the shape of a tree with a little bird in the nest on top.


using all his self-restraint and more, sweet baby manages to not chew on his toy for the entire 5 seconds needed to take this photo.

Admittedly, Sweet Baby isn’t so much into stacking these days. Maybe when he gets a month or two older, he’ll develop an interest in putting things together, but for now, he prefers scattering the green rings across the floor and then chewing on the yellow bird. But doesn’t he look adorable while doing so?


“a bird in the mouth is worth two in the bush.”