i carry your heart in my heart






(photos by David Collopy)


I met my love — quite unexpectedly — when I was given the last empty bed in a fully-booked hostel. “We didn’t get a bit of sleep all night,” Liam and I will sometimes say, with a wink, when we tell the story of how we met. And, strictly speaking, that was true. No one in our 30-person dorm room slept that night, except for the guy who snored 8 hours straight with all the volume and finesse of a tornado siren.

From that hostel in Malaysia, Liam and I began backpacking together, taking buses and tuk-tuks and trains as we slowly traveled around the world. Even though we each had brought along our own music, we nearly always just used one iPod while we were on those long rides, a single pair of earbuds split between us, our faces touching from necessity.

Liam listened to my playlists, heavy with Ella Fitzgerald, Over the Rhine, and Jem — and I listened repeatedly to his albums of Queen and Sia. After we fell in love, one of our favourite songs to listen to together was Bloc Party’s Ion Square. We contemplated dancing to it for the first song at our wedding reception (although, in the end, we chose another song we’d often listened to while traveling, Queen’s You’re My Best Friend). Still, Ion Square left a lasting impression on us, particularly with its repetition of the e.e. cummings poem i carry your heart. Liam has the first line of the poem engraved on his wedding band, and I have (most of) the second line engraved on mine.

All of this to say: Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to my love.