RTW Travel: Breakfast Around the World

hours of sweetness and urgency

This weekend, I suddenly realised we’ve created our own tradition for Saturday breakfast. In the early hours every Saturday, Liam takes Sweet Baby to Victoria Market, where he buys a selection of meats and veggies for the upcoming week, along with a simplified version of Turkish breakfast we’ll eat later that morning: spinach and feta gozleme, lentil soup, fresh bread, and sometimes an almond croissant (admittedly not Turkish, but nonetheless delicious).

Of course, if we were eating a traditional Turkish breakfast, this would only be the start of things! A real Turkish breakfast might also include menemen (an egg paprika dish), several types of goat cheese, kaymek (buffalo clotted cream), yogurt, a variety of fruits and veggies, fresh, sticky honey that slowly drips from its waxy comb, and several different types of olives.

All these ruminations about morning repasts have led me to think about the different breakfasts I’ve experienced around the world. So here is Part I of a collection of different…

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