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Going Off the Beaten Path in Mongolia

Solo female backpacking through Mongolia.

One Art: Losing Myself

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve seen Sister Ollie, one of my Nana’s dear friends. More than a decade. I’m old. And suddenly, for the first time, I feel old. A decade since I’ve seen… Continue reading

Castle Stalker

  When Liam and I traveled through Scotland, we rented a car and drove from Edinburgh, looping the country. First we drove along the east coast, took a ferry over to the Orkneys, and then drove… Continue reading

Kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils, and Baby Wombats — Oh, My!

In the small town of Bicheno is a 150-acre fenced and gated plot of land that’s called East Coast Nature World. Turning into the asphalt parking lot at the edge of Nature World, we felt… Continue reading

Zhaoxing, China: An Ancient Chinese Painting Come to Life

Ever wonder what you will find if you hitchhike through rural China?

RTW Travel: Breakfast Around the World

Originally posted on hours of sweetness and urgency:
This weekend, I suddenly realised we’ve created our own tradition for Saturday breakfast. In the early hours every Saturday, Liam takes Sweet Baby to Victoria Market, where he…