The Night Before Christmas

For Sweet Baby’s very first Christmas, I gave him an old-fashioned edition of The Night Before Christmas (charmingly illustrated with Roger Duvoisin’s 1954 artwork). We read it for the first time on Christmas eve and then again on Christmas day. And… Continue reading

Swedish Meatballs and Memories of Christmas Past

I miss Christmas. Of course, Christmas exists, in some form or another, in most of the world, including Australia. But celebrating Christmas in the middle of summer just doesn’t feel the same to… Continue reading

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

When playing with my Sweet Baby . . .

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The Beauty of Everyday Things

  By and large, tourists bypass Dinard, since there are no particular Sights-With-A-Capital-S to see. But Dinard is a lovely place to visit. It hugs the curve of a certain bit of Brittany coastline, where… Continue reading

Walking into Cambodia

At the eastern edge of Laos, the bus driver motioned for us to take our belongings and leave. And so everyone who’d been riding the bus, laden with backpacks and other gear, walked across the border into Cambodia.… Continue reading